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recently I read the very interesting article “Interactive-Compositional Authoring of Sound Spatialization”.
There was mentioned a SPAT-SCENE GUI for OM.
I did not find any info´s, is this GUI available for public?
\ Klangschmied //

Hi Klangschmied,

Spat-Scene was not exactly developed in OM but in a work-in-progress, partial implementation of OM which you can download here:

There’s also a download link to an updated om / spat library (also in-progress) which includes Spat-Scene + a couple of other new spatialization tools.
All this is not very well documented yet.


Hi Jean,
thanks for the info and download links.
Any patches for starting - they could be really rough - …?
\ Klangschmied //

Here you go.

om-spat-spat-scene.opat_.zip (6.5 KB)

Thanks again, Jean.
First starting the patch give me some errors
“Unrecognized action: osc-3dc-to-spat”

and doubleclick on SPAT-SCENE results in:
"ERROR: Undefined function selected-timelines called with arguments (#<timeline-editor 40300323F3>).

But I will look more carefully…

Mac OS 10.10.5 / o7 download today from the website

alright let me have a look at this.
I did not test it before to upload. :frowning:

ps. I assume the om-spat library is installed ? do the spat-scene boxes look good or are they red ?

ok, I think I can get all the same errors as you.
I’ll work on it. stay tuned.

let me know, we you solve the issue.

I’ve just updated the om7 and om-spat downloads
hope it works better now…

the errors about display arrays/null pointers etc. come from missing source files. In principle they are not critical and will disappear as soon as you load other, existing sounds as inputs.


no errors for now !
Now the hard work begin to understand whats going on :slight_smile:

Hello =) Sorry i want to try this spat scene. But i dont know where i need to copy this. In packages?

Thanks for your help

Hi — Let me first update a little bit this 3-years old thread… :slight_smile:

You will find spat-scene in the spat external library for OM#.
Get OM# here: https://github.com/cac-t-u-s/om-sharp/releases
… and the spat external here: https://github.com/cac-t-u-s/spat

The spat external has no release: in the meantime you can download the repository from GitHub and just rename it “spat” (the download name by default is “spat-master”).
See this page about external libs in OM#: https://cac-t-u-s.github.io/om-sharp/pages/libraries

Also note that this external library requires the preliminary installation of the latest spat 5 release for Max.

I hope this helps,

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Dear Jean.
I did all. But
1.meaby i put the folder in a wrong place?
2. how can i implement this on my patch from spat
3. if is to much asking , sorry =/

You need to look in the Session window / external libraries tab if the spat library appears in the list.
Then load it by double-clicking the icon.

See :