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Spat 5.2.9, Panoramix 1.6.2, and ADMix 0.5.0 released

Dear all,

Spat 5.2.9 for Max/MSP, Panoramix 1.6.2, and ADMix 0.5.0 have been released.

The changelog is below.

Please read this thread regarding installation, troubleshooting, and bug reporting guidelines.

Happy patching, and enjoy the Forum workshops at NYU !

Release Version : 5.2.9
Release Date : 09/2022

  • spat5.viewer : now supports color for listener
  • spat5.conv~ : improved “/buffer” messages to load i-th source channel to j-th destination channel
  • all binaural objects : added “/load IRC_1040” to load built-in 1040 HRTF set
  • spat5.viewer : added “path” elements (see help patcher)
  • spat5.viewer : added “/listener/orientation/visible” message
  • added spat5.supperware.maxpat and spat5.tuto-supperware-1.maxpat
  • spat5.hoa.em32~ : very minor improvement for high-cut filter
  • spat5.sfplay~ : added “/loop/end” notifications
  • spat5.sfplay~, spat5.sfrecord~ : added @rendering attribute for offline (non-realtime) use
  • spat5.quat.toeuler, spat5.quat.fromeuler : added “/system” message (intrinsic vs extrinsic coordinate system)
  • spat5.osc.var : added “append” and “prepend” message
  • spat5.filterdesign : slightly improved filter stability
  • spat5.filterdesign : faster calculation
  • spat5.filterdesign : warning message when filter design fails
  • spat5.panoramix : added air frequency on reverb bus
  • spat5.conv~ : added message “/load [filename] [srcChannel] [destChannel]” to load one channel from an IR file
  • spat5.cascade~ : added message “/dsp/drywet”
  • spat5.conv~, spat5.converb~ : added message “/dsp/drywet”
  • spat5.compressor~ : added message “/dsp/drywet”
  • spat5.fir~, spat5.velvet~, spat5.rake~, spat5.dcfilter~, spat5.graphiceq~, spat5.hlshelf~ : added message “/dsp/drywet”
  • spat5.clip~, spat5.delta~, spat5.deltaclip~, spat5.noisegate~, spat5.tanh~, spat5.softclipping~ : added message “/dsp/drywet”
  • spat5.air~, spat5.doppler~, spat5.leslie~ : added message “/dsp/drywet”
  • spat5.hoa.mirror~, spat5.hoa.focus~, spat5.hoa.rotate~, spat5.hoa.blur~, spat5.hoa.dominance~, spat5.hoa.warp~ : added message “/dsp/drywet”
  • spat5.matrix~, spat5.diagmatrix~, spat5.routing~, spat5.allpass~, spat5.comb~ : added message “/dsp/drywet”
  • added spat5.hoa.conv~
  • all GUI objects : major improvements to the snapshot window
  • spat5.tuto-presets : added new presets
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Hi T,

Do not work, see the spat5.binaural.maxhelp



That seems to work for me.
Are you sure you’re using the correct version (of the spat externals) ?


Hi Thibaut,

So, I’ve reinstalled the spat and then it’s ok. my Spat5.binaural was in version 5.2.8, but I don’t know why, because I’d installed the 5.2.9 version before… is it a way to cancel every trace of 5.2.8 ?




You just need to delete all the files (usually in ~/Documents/Max 8/Packages/spat5).
Make sure Max is not running while you do so.


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Yes, we have to think about it…