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Spat 5.1.3 missing objects


I’ve dowloaded the spat folder on win10 x64 (max 8) and some objects are missing like spat5.viewer etc… I’ve access to most of the HOA objects and several others but can’t find the “main” objects in the dowloaded folder.
I also can’t see the spat5.overview

How can i solve this ?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Note : i can’t unzip the downloaded folder with the explorer and when i’m using 7zip the task stop when it comes to spat5.hoa.triangle


Have you followed that ?

How_to_install_Spat_5.html (23,2 Ko)



Sorry, but i think so…

I’ve installed Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2015 to 2019 and copied the ddl files under C:/Programmes/Cycling ’74/Max 8.

I don’t uderstand why some objects and help patchs are missing in the spat.5 unzip folder ?

well, can you attached the max console notifications ? Error 126 ?

no error 126

when i try to open spat5.tuto-alignment-1 Max can’t find any spat objects that patch is using
but i can use objects such as spat5.hoa.optim~

it’s like some part of the package are missing

ok, for @tcarpent


I’ve just uncompressed the actual archive with no problem ( with WinRar ), try with another uncompressor, you need the whole package folder

It’s working !

Thanks a lot

Have a great day !