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Source spread in Panoramix?


I was wondering if there is any way to have a source spread on a mono signal in Panoramix. In spat5.oper there is a dedicated parameter for that but in Panoramix I couldn’t find it. I think maybe I am overlooking something or there is a way to control it over OSC?

Of course I know that you can (depending on the algorithm) set a spread on the output bus, but I find a source spread is in many circumstances a very important creative tool.

I would be very happy for any hints.

All the best,


Hello Paul,

Your observation is correct: the spread setting is currently available only on the “bus” strip (and it applies to all tracks connected to that bus), not on the “track” strip.
This is something that will likely change in future versions, but I cannot give you an agenda for this.


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Thank you Thibaut for your quick reply!

This feature is definitely on my wish list:) I love Panoramix because you have, compared to other softwares, such precise control of the spatialisation settings and algorithms. So far it seams to me that in terms of spatialisation, this might be the only feature that Panoramix really is missing in comparison to other spatialisation softwares out there. (also separate horizontal and vertical spread settings per source would be awesome;))
Thanks a lot for all your amazing work!