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Sound of the stars

Hy everyone,

i am Alexandre Rouxel a member of a collective of artists know under the name of DistributedGallery. https://twitter.com/DistribGallery

I come here because we have start a partnership with the center of astronomy “La Couyère” in Brittany. Our main goal is to turn the data we record from the stars into song. To do so we use a spectroscope and run an algorithm on the spectrum that makes the latter resonate. It’s just a PoC for now and that’s why we want to know if some of you could be interested to participate in this adventure ?

This project is linked to a second in which we plan to create a device that allow to listen the stars in live :slight_smile: (But we’ll didn’t use the same data for this second project)

For the first project we want then to register the song of the star into the Ethereum Blockchain while using IPFS in order to record this signal forever. it will also be an opportunity to connect the oldest things (starlight) to the most postmodern things that exist (the blockchain) in a poetic way.

That is why I am here because if any of you were interested in participating we would be very happy to welcome you in this adventure.This first work will be auctioned off a little later, and part of the money raised will be used to finance the astronomy center.

If you are interested you can contact me at alex@pando.network for more details

All best