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Sonogram Analysis with Similarity Matrix/Iracam Structure Parameters

is there any documentation about Sonogram Analysis/ Similarity Matrix/Ircam Structure Parameters?

Is there a way AS (or SVP) can compute mel frequency cepstral coefficients (MFCCs)?

Thank you,
Fabio Cifariello Ciardi

There is some information about Sonogram Analysis in the AudioSculpt documentation, with further details in the SuperVP documentation (if it doesn’t open from the help menu, it is located in the “SuperVP Documentation” folder of AudioSculpt. SuperVP performs all of them except Similarity Matrix, so you can see the SuperVP parameters in the bottom pane and check their documentation.

There is not much about Similarity Matrix. What I know is that the Timbre features are based on MFCC and spectral contrast, and the Harmonic ones on chromas. The window size and step apply to the temporal modeling of these features.

I don’t know much about the Multi-Probe Histogram modeling method, but I found a reference to a paper: Y. Yu, M. Crucianu, V. Oria, and E. Damiani. Combining multi-probe histogram and order-statistics based lsh for scalable audio content retrieval. In ACM Multi- media, 2010. I’m not a researcher though, so I don’t have access to it (and probably wouldn’t understand much anyway)

MFCCs are not available in AS/SVP. They didn’t fit in the display/edition logic of AS. I think there are several implementations in Max.