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Some plugins may not be loaded due to macOS quarantine


When I run Partiels, unfortunately, I receive this message and I cannot click on the boxes in the message. I have deleted all the files related to Partiels on my computer and reinstalled it, but the error persists. What can I do?

I would appreciate your help,

Hello Metehan,

Thank you for your feedback. What happens when you click on a button? Does the operating system generate a beep? And can you provide more information about your operating system? In particular, its version.

In any case, it seems that you have one (or more?) plugin that is not notarized, so MacOS prevents it from opening. If you remove this plugin (which shouldn’t be usable as long as it’s in quarantine) from the Vamp paths, you should no longer encounter this problem. You can also manually remove the plugin from the macOS quarantine. You’ve hidden the plugin path, so I don’t know where it is, but that’s the only thing to change.