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Some issues from Max 8.1.6

Hi Diemo,

CataRt for MuBu doesn’t want to play the corpus with Max 8.1.6, when I load the patch, I have this…
It’s new, it used to work previouly…

Many thanks in advance


it works with Max 8.1.3

Jerome, you have an old mubu version. Current is 1.9.14.
[And messages like this can usually be ignored, they’re just about the UI feedback.]

I have the 1.9.14

see : package-info.json (8,1 Ko)

Please also check the console message at startup.

Here’s the version with Max 8.1.3

With Max 8.1.6

Console : diemo.txt (5,6 Ko)

Well, I don’t know why but now It works !