SOL issue

Thanks to the forumuser emptiness, it is possible to launch orchids on high sierra.
But now i have some issues with the downloaded SOL_0.9_HQ folder. First it didn’t recognize this folder as a folder, something like “this is not a folder”. So I imported the whole SOL folder with the “Import Folder”-command in the explorer tab. And now, my computer analyses each sound of the SOL folder, which seems to takes ages…

My questions:

  1. Do I have to analyze the downloaded SOL-folder and wait till it’s done?
  2. If it’s not necessary. What is the right way to connect orchids with the SOL-database?
    According to the manual, under common problems 5.1.2 “Please make sure that you drop the folder on the pre-existing SOL 0.9 icon (that should be crossed and red at the beginning, then becomes normal).” But I can’t find a “SOL 0.9 icon” anywhere in the application.

Thanks for your help.

Same thing happens when we add our sounds. It takes very long time!
When I start again the application Orchids, in the upper right conner I get a message “construction note…”. And it takes hours with no end in sight.
What is the solution?