I download Orchid, I have the Interface but not the SOL Database.
Where can I download the file ???

Thanks for the answer.
I can’t wait to use Orchid

Best regards

Hi Herve,

there’s a script included in the distribution that once applied, sill download the SOL database.
WARNING : it is a huge database and sometimes you can encounter some timeout’s so be sure to have completed the download.

Bon courage

Thanks again Karim
I saw it after sending the message…
I’m at 39,3 % after I don’t know, may be 40 minutes… :=)

Have a good night and thanks again

OK Everything works… Great !!!
Last problem, I can’t save as, neither export as midi file or OpenMusic file etc…
Is it normal ?
Best regards

When I add my sounds in the Orchids, it takes very long time.
When I start again the application Orchids, in the upper right conner I get a message “construction note…”. And it takes hours with no end in sight.
What is the solution?