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Sily Problem with Transpose a Chord down

Dear Community,
It seams silly but it is angry.
I have a program in which the User should give in a Chord.
And then this Chord must be replying on all Octaves.
The Problem is that normal Users would give the Chord relative to C’
so this is relative to midicent 60 000.
But I need it relative to midicent 0.
So I must transpose the Chord down.
So transpose down seams easy:
Substract 60’000 from each pitch on the Chord.
But when ever I try this.:
I will become silly Error Messages, Which seams to give me no idea whats going wrong.

Can anybody help me to get this correct.


Hi creco,

Didn’t get exactly want you want here. But this may help:

I have try this,
but it gives me the same silly Error:
Error while evaluating the box LittleKomposerI : In >= of (nil 4700) arguments should be of type real.
It seams for me that it must gives a Error by a calculation of > = with a list of nil and 47000.
But I can noway see any Function of type >= in my patch and noway see any temporary Result in the range around 47000.
So you send me a picture of your patch. I’m silly but it would be great can I send you the picture of my patch. So can you gives me advice how to put a picture of my patch in this thread.


Hi Creco,

Yes it better to send the patch (or a picture). To do attachments see below:

In order to send a patch same procedure, but first zip the patch,

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