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Show Documentation error


When I press d over an object to show documentation i get the following

ERROR: Not an executable to call-process: /usr/bin/firefox

When I try to open the documentation manually (double click) from /usr/share/openmusic/resources/reference/ it won’t open. Firefox says:

File not found

Firefox can’t find the file at /usr/share/openmusic/resources/reference/list-explode.html.

Check the file name for capitalization or other typing errors.
Check to see if the file was moved, renamed or deleted.

When I copy the same html file to my home folder or desktop, I can open it manually.

I’m in Ubuntu 20.04 with OM7.3


Hi rc0,

Yes it is an awful problem with Ubuntu. I am trying to solve this. Will come to you back ASAP.


Ok the problem comes from the snap firefox installation in Ubuntu and problems of permission.

For the time being the best workaround is the following:

  1. create a bin folder in your home such as /home/myaccount/bin

  2. download the tar file of OM from here:

  3. untar it in the created bin folder

  4. in the bin folder create a .sh file (text file) using vim, emacs or even gedit

  5. write the following int this file:

LD_LIBRARY_PATH=’.’ /home/myaccount/bin/OM_7.3/OM_7.3

  1. save file (important as a txt file no RTF!) as ‘om73’

  2. make the file executable with this command:
    chmod a+x om73

Now you can lauch om from the terminal by typing om73
The documentation files will open.


Thanks Karim!

So you propose to install manually om in the home folder. isn’t it?

Just thinking about it: would it be possible to move only the doc html files to somewhere in the /home folder and tell OM to search there instead of in /bin?
and if not, would it work using symbolic links of the html files redirecting to other folder in /home?


Dear Rc,

Ia m afraid that a sym link will not do. Ubuntu now read protects anything in the /usr/share folder unfortunately. Very stupid thing i believe.
My advice is to install OM from the tarball in your ~/bin it works very good, and same as if it was installed from a .deb package. No difference to tell you the truth.

PS: if you have doubts on the procedure, please let me know.

Dear Karim,

Thanks for the instructions!

With the installation in /home/rc0/bin/OM_7.3/ it seems that fonts are not loading:

and showing documentation gives me the same message:

ERROR: Not an executable to call-process: /usr/bin/firefox



If I have OM installed both in /usr/bin (using the .deb) and in ~/bin as you mentioned, fonts are working.

Show documentation now opens this window:


but none of the browsers mentioned in the window work.



this windows appears using which OM version?
the one in ~/bin or the .deb installed version?

I’m using the ~/bin one (om73) but I left the .deb installed cuz of fonts.

Hi rc,

found the reason and the fix.
this is entirely due to Ubuntu “apple” fantasies…
Read first here:

Now the fix that worked for me is here (under #136):

The other fixes didn’t work.

This will work with the OM .deb package installation and the tar.bz also


Dear Karim,

It works! Thank you the fix and explanation.
Snap added a new reason why i would like to depart from ubuntu, together with graphical issues that freeze om from time to time.
So before giving up and returning to macos, may i ask you what other linux distro could be worth giving a try concerning om?


Great to know,

Now concerning moving from Ubuntu, yes of course, but definitively not to Mac i say!
I am since long ago on Debian, which Ubuntu is based on. But on Debian they don’t have this snap thing fortunately. It is real stable. You can choose also fedora, another serious distrib. However it is a little different than debian concerning apt. and stuff like that.
So this is my advice for you. But in Linux world, you are free to do what you want!