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Should I migrate from Openmusic to om-sharp?

I recently started learning openmusic. I read this document about 07, the om-sharp project:


In its final paragraph says: “For this reason we do not yet consider it a valid/full-featured successor for OpenMusic”

Maybe om-sharp is now a valid successor of openmusic.

My first interest in these kind of languages is the compositional use.
Should I migrate, or should I learn it in parallel with openmusic?

Hi archiduque,

this is a really older paper, now om-sharp (ex-om7, ex-o7) works well… it’s interesting to use both OM…
The real question is : "Can we expect a fusion ? " but It’s not going on…

I use both. it depends of what I want to do… I invite you to do the same, it’s better for learning

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