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Sequencer no playback

I tried to use the Sequencer for the first time by just recreating the example in
I get no output when playback but the following error message:
“Error: No applicable methods for #<standard-generic-function get-action-list-of-chord 71A00F5904> with args (nil (#<note 734048FD83>) 0 (0 100) nil nil)”
Here is the patch: http://u.pc.cd/Ud9ctalK
It’s probably something simple but can anybody give me a hint how to solve this?
Thanks a lot, Achim

Hi Achim,

Sorry for the late reply. This is a bug, and I think it’s new in v1.7 since the possibility to play score object with OSC was added.

I have filed the bug and hopefully make something about it in the next release. I also provided a quick fix here: Score objects generated by patches don't play anymore in the sequencer · Issue #344 · cac-t-u-s/om-sharp · GitHub