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Sensors for PanoLive


the two head tracking units are made by RJ Lab and Feichter audio T3.

The boxes are different in design but are very similar in results. Both are Arduino devices. The RJ Lab device is based on a gyroscope and the T3 is based on an accelerometer and a magnetometer.

I chose to bring the T3 to the PanoLive workshops as it is a bit more robust and stable, it costs 70 € for the RJ Lab and 115 € for the T3, VAT included.

My model is an improved T3 but the bluetooth doesn’t work, it’s a prototype.

Remember to install the driver on your laptop, included in download

RJ Lab : RJ Lab

Fiechter Audio : http://feichter-audio.com/produits/diffusion/t3/

Come and listen to it at the forum workshops. Friday 31 March at 10:30, Studio 1