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Segmentation violation error


I am having big troubles, (not being able to open patches anymore) with this Segmentation violation error (c.f attachment).
I think it is related to embeded maquettes in patches.
Did anyone meet this problem ?
Using latest om (6.9) om debian Linux.



Hi Karim.

Please provide some info so i might try to reproduce the error here.


Dear colleagues,
is this related to this thread?
let’s try to make a double post I am also very interested into the question…

I have had similar issues in OM 6.7 beta 1 running on OSX 10.10.3. The error seems to have something to do with the draw method for segmented patch chords as it results in display artifacts that persist even in other programs. For example, whenever I encounter the error, the grey box that highlights the offending object will persist even as I switch programs to, say, a web browser. This error hangs OM and there is no way to recover without forcing the program to quit. The error also initiates terminal as it tries to create a log file, but even this process becomes unresponsive. I wonder if there a way to recover this error from the terminal window? I would post a log-file, but I’m having trouble finding its save location.


Has this issue been resolved? If so, how?

I am facing the same problem. The error message (cf. the attachment) keeps popping up – sometimes when I try to delete an object, sometimes while playing an object, sometimes while closing the window of a voice or poly object. After having popped up, I am not able to access the object any more (i.e., I am not able to open, delete, … it). I am not using any maquettes in my patches.

I am using OM 6.20 on a Mac M1, Big Sur. The issue only comes up here, not on my older Mac.

Any tip highly appreciated!


Dear Adrian,

The problem you are reporting has nothing to do with the above. A segmentation violation is generally an error that happens when you send instructions from an application to the wrong type of cpu (processor).

What is happening here with OM 6.20 is that it cannot “talk” to the new M1 cpu of Apple. The reason is that OM’s image (app) has been compiled on LispWorks 7 which is not compatible with M1’s apple proc. Besides, Om comes with several dynamic libraries, also NOT compiled for M1. The good news is, that we have received the new LispWorks 8 which is compatible with these processors, and we are working on the portage of OM and its dynamic libraries. this is not automatic and will take some time to do.


Dear Karim,

Thank you for clarifying. I’ll just go back to using OM on my older Mac, and I’ll be looking forward to the release of the updated version of OM.