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Sdif2txt for Linux?

Hello again,

does it exist sdif2txt for Linux ?
I can find it only for Mac OSX…


I compiled from some source archive sdiftotext v. 3.8.6 (2004) with no error, but running sdiftotext -i file.sdif -o sdif.txt returns this error:

lt-sdiftotext: SdifFRead.c:524: SdifFReadPadding: Assertion `Padding <= _SdifStringLen' failed.
Abandon (core dumped)

The sdif was generated by last supervp (Linux: -Amask -OS1)
More recent sources available ?


Hi Fred,

sdif is distributed as source code, the source code compiles on macos and linux without problem.

I don’t now where you did find source code from 2004. The source code is available here


Note that the packaged files are not up to date (still last release was in 2013 not 2004).
For an up to date version you need to do checkout of the source code with a subversion client.