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Sdif.dll not loading on startup

Did you succeed before that to run om615 on windows 10 ?
Maybe a windows upgrade is the cause ?
Can you give us more details ?


No succeed by the moment.
Before I was using an old version (6.12 i think) with win7.
After upgrading to win10 ltsc 2019 I got those errors.
Of course, the upgrade is the problem.
Is there a specific edition of win10 to run om, or should I install other stuff?
best regards,


I tried a new install of OM 6.15 on my Windows 10 laptop. Works OK…none of above messages. I suspect Windows deleted some files during upgrade process. I think upgrade deletes anything it thinks will not be compatible with Win10.

I have a Win 7 machine that will get an upgrade at some point and I intend to uninstall all my open source programs and reinstall after upgrade.

Hope this is helpful.

i’m getting the same sdif error on startup. has anyone found how to fix it?
this is on win10, om6.19

thanks in advance,

Dear Perti,

Is it the problem of loading only cincerns the sdif.dll?
Do you have midi working?

If it is the case, first of all, this doesn’t concern upgrading. All .dll are included in the om folder and should work. However, it might be a problem with cpu compatibility.
Can you give us the characteristics of you machine regarding cpu?


Here it’s working on a virtualmachine:

on a cpu:

hello karim,

midi is working ok. cpu is an old Intel Core i5-2320 CPU @ 3.00GHz which runs fine with other softwares. the sdif.dll file is there but nonetheless om complains at startup. it’s not fatal as i can continue working after that.
thanks again karim,

Thanx Perti for your answer.

I will investigate and try to find out if it is the cpu architecture that is causing the trouble, i doubt since the i5 is an intel, it should work.
One last question, you did put OM installation in C;.Program files(x86) folder and not on an external drive say like D:’ or E:\ ?


thanks again for investigating this. and yes, om is in C:\Program files(x86). this on an intel i5 machine with 8gb ram.
btw, i have just tried installing on an amd ryzen 5 pc and works out-of-the-box. :thinking:

Thanx Perti,

This means, we might have ti recompile yje lib for this processor.
Once my update on win10 is over, (what a tiresome update 2h and going…) , i will try to see if i can recompile it for All processors.


oh karim, if no other user needs it, i can still use my mac. this is an old processor i’m just using for a couple of months. maybe it’s not worth the time and effort. unless, as i’ve said, it’s useful for other users.
thanks anyway karim, you always have a great predisposition to help.
best regards,

Hi Prof. Haddad,

I am having the same problem described here. My sdif.dll do not work, and I already try to replace it using others version, disable antivirus, install OM in others machines. I had no success.

I was having the same problem with libsamplerate.dll. Then I replace the dll for the this Release 0.2.2 · libsndfile/libsamplerate · GitHub and I start to have the problem with sdif.dll.

There is some README that could teach me how to compile sdif.dll for win32.

Thank you!!!

Dear Charles,

which OM version are you using, and which OS are you running?


I am using OM7. I am on Windows 11.

So the issue is with windows 11. The system is 64/32 bits. Are you sure you did install OM in the Program Files (x86) folder, and are you sure you don’t have any other sdif.dll somewhere installed?
The problem with compiling sdif.dll for windows is that we don’t have the correct sources for the moment. I am waiting for our LW win64 bit environment and i am trying to compile all 64 libs for this. This unfortunately will take time, since i am running windows on vm and it is really a pain in the A… :slight_smile:
Best K

Thanks for the quickly answer.

Yes, OM is installed in Program Files (x86). I have OM# too, you think that this could be the problem?

Great news about LW 64bits :slight_smile:.

Thank you very much!

I am not sure. Is omsharp sdif.dll is working?
If yes try the sdif.dll from om sharp.
I will test this tomorow.

No, OM# not work too!

I found out what is the problem!

Seems that sdif.dll needs another dynamic library called msvcr100.dll. So when OM# or OpenMusic tries to load sdif and not find the library it gives this error.

Maybe in Windows 11 Microsoft removed some components that use the library, and it is not delivered with Windows 11 anymore.

I used this software GitHub - lucasg/Dependencies: A rewrite of the old legacy software "depends.exe" in C# for Windows devs to troubleshoot dll load dependencies issues..

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Thanx Charles,

It’s good to know.
Will point out the solution,


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