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Saving CataRT corpus and all parameters with the patch

Is there any way to save the CataRT example patch with all the corpus data, parameters and every other setting needed to re-open it in exactly the same state it was in when saved?

I’ve tried using a [preset] object but that doesn’t store any information regarding the files loaded in and misses some parameters out for some reason.

What is the best way to save the entire state of the patch so that it can be re-opened and used exactly as it was when saved?

The great thing about ways to store patch state in Max is: there are so many to choose from!
There is:

  1. preset
  2. pattr
  3. patch snapshots

Mubu integrates with patch snapshots via its mirroring to dicts. For the others, the writeall/readall messages will store and reload the complete mubu content (with audiofiles as external data).
We went the whole way to total recall in the skatart Max 4 Live device, to be announced at the Forum.

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Hi Schwarz

Thanks for those suggestions, is the recommendation to use all three? Or should patcher snapshots cover everything needed?

Currently when I try and save a snapshot in the catart-mubu_simple.maxpat, the ‘+’ button is greyed out. Is this meant to work or was your suggestion that it would be possible to implement it somehow?

Do I need to give a scripting name to every object in the patch in order to save the state? As described in this thread: Can't get snapshots to work in several patches - MaxMSP Forum | Cycling '74

I’m not sure if you meant that storing patch state should work already or that it is possible with certain changes to the patch…

Hi srs, I’d suggest first to read up on the docs of the various systems (at least snapshot and pattr, preset is too archaic) to know about their respective scopes and limitations.
Then you can make the choice which system is most appropriate for your needs and configure your patch or add the necessary infrastructure.
Best, Diemo

Thanks Diemo. It’s good to know that this is possible to implement using patcher snapshots or pattr.

Will take a look at SkataRT to see how it works there.


For anyone else trying to do this, the answer is quick and simple - just check ‘Parameter Mode Enable’ on the [mubu corpus] object and it saves the corpus with the snapshot.

You’ll then need to create new controls for the parameter inputs you want to save, also with this setting enabled. The ‘synthesis parameters’ in catart-mubu_simple.maxpat are [attrui] objects so they just reflect the attributes of the [mubu.concat~] object. The circle icon next to the patcher snapshot name also needs to be checked to ‘embed’ the snapshot into the patcher.