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Save as?


I know it is a very old topic and a choice related to OM’s architecture.

Is it possible to implement a “save as” project and export every bit of a project to another folder ?
(I reckon OM needs the original files to export them as a bundle, but… )

User case (please consider this as a dreamlike narrative) :

1/ I opened an old project that is on an external hard drive
2/ I quit the hard drive and let open the project and put the computer to sleep
3/ I woke up in a train the next day without my hard drive
4/ I can still work on that project but the moment I hit save, unconsciously I must admit, you can imagine what happened…



Hi Nadir,

There are spaces in your path, have you tried opening the workspace on your desktop, for example?




In fact, the error message is due to the unmounted hard drive where the project is saved. Everything comes back to normal state once mounted again…



Dear Nadir,

Indeed, OM can’t access hard drives that are not mounted. Maybe we should implement a zoombie mode, no? :slight_smile:

Dear Karim !

That’s funny indeed ! In fact I was answering @smalllotus observation…

Come on I am not talking about accessing an unmounted hard drive ! But eventually saving a foreign opened project…

Anyway I’ve got the answer, there is no opened project state inplace temp autosave…



Ok, I got your request. You are thinking in a save-as workspace somehwere isn’t it?
We can easily do this. However, you should consider a workspace like a protools/ardour session, with lot of stuff inisde, audiofiles,e tc… You can save it “manually” (copy it from one place to another from your finder for ex.) But yes, why not include this feature in the File menu. Not a bad idea after all! But it sure needs some thinking first: save all, save only patches (elements folder), etc… The dificult part is the preferences.lisp since these point to local directories.

Thanx Nadir


Yes !

Well your example of a protools session is more than welcome because the save as opened dialogue allows to include media files for example, or create a project folder containing all the “lot of stuff inside” etc…


So there is no way to save an outside project although it is still opened and the outside is missing… there is no temp clone.


But of course it is possible, no worry. However, when changing the environment, you have to change the location of some things such as the library path the external path etc.

Well I’m glad you can add this request to the OM development “todo list”.

By the way, I am terribly sorry, I forgot today is a public holliday !

Thank you Maestro