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Save as Midi only saving beginning portion?

Hi, not sure what I’m doing wrong as sure it proceeded right first time, but saving from the first output of a ‘Chord object’ using save-as-midi is only recording first few bars/onsets, I also had same result from ‘Voice object’…can anyone elucidate… best wishes

Hi flartec.

Are you sure the boxes (chord-seq, voice) are locked when evaluating save-as-midi?

For possible bug-reports like these, and to make it possible for others to help as well: If things like these don’t work right, please make a (as simple as possible) test case, where the errors you see appear, and include it as attachments in your message.



Just coming back to OM after absence, so will do… best Brockie

Most probably because results going in and out of midi range… best