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Rubbing? and meshes in MAX

Dear developers,

I am trying to find ‘rubbing’ (of surfaces) as an interaction.Think of (grave)stones shifting or rubbing attributes reminiscent of Stockhausen’s mikrophonie on a plate. I guess it does not exist separately? Is there a (smart) way to emulate it using other tools? Example?

Furthermore I am interested in meshes. Am I right that mesh import is not yet implemented in the MAX externals? Is there a way to do it creating something in the lisp version? (the error when playing sound that was earlier reported concerning the lisp version is still present on my 10.14.6 machine)

Thanks in advance, Hans.

Hi Hans,

Here is a solution find by Roald Baudoux using a 'position connection controlled by a noise signal and an 'adhere connection on a rect-plate object which sound quite convincing to me.

05-Frottement-simplified.maxpat (49.9 KB)

All the best,


Thanks a lot. That should bring me close.

How about the question concerning meshes?

Best, Hans.

Hi Hans,

I did not see this one :wink:

Yes, you can load a mesh object with <mys.read-from-file>. But first, you have to save the mesh with a save-object command in the lisp interface.

Here is an exemple with a gong:

mesh_in_max.zip (3.7 KB)

All the best.


Ah, very clear example.

Thanks a lot!!!

Hi, is it possible to also do this in Windows, where I only have Modalys for Max? And do I really need to have it saved from Lisp, or can it be exported as mesh from any program? Also, in what directory should I place the mesh file? I’m totally new to Modalys (and Max).