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Resolution to 24 bit

Hello friends,

I just realized that the default bit depth in the function “supervp processing” is 16 bit, and I didn’t find the way to change it to 24 bit in the om patch or in the om preference (, the resolution controller of om doesn’t influence the resolution of svp processing).

I have changed it to 24 bit directly in the defmethod of supervp processing, but I wonder if it makes sense to use 24 bit with the svp?

All the best,

OM-SuperVP Version: 2.13
OM Version: 6.16
System: 10.14.6

Hi Jianlin,

You’re right there are no accessible parameters to set the output resolution format from Supervp. Apparently supervp can output 24bit:

-O: :: or
-O :: (Def: mode==b)

is the output format

SOUND output formats :

sa for AIFF/AIFC 16bit integer soundfile format.
sa8,sa16,sa24,sa32 select the different sample size in bits
saf,sad select float or double samples in AIFC format.
sA equivalent to sa.
sis for Ircam 16bit integer soundfile format.
sif for Ircam 32bit float soundfile format.
sw for wav 16bit integer sound file format.
sw8,sw16,sw24,sw32 select the different sample size in bits
swf,swd select float or double samples in WAV format.
sW equivalent to sw.
sn for NeXT (.au) 16bit integer soundfile format.
sn8,sn16,sn24,sn32 select the different sample size in bits
snf,snd select float or double samples in NEXT (.au) format.
ss for Mac Sounddesigner II format (MacOSX only)
srs for raw 16bit integer soundfile.
srf for raw 32bit float soundfile.
sf for FLAC soundfile format.
sf8,sf16,sf24 select the sample size in bits

IMPORTANT : default format and packing mode (integer or float) differ
according to the output type (a file or a pipe):

File output : those of the input processed sound (not normalized).
Pipe output : raw 32bit float (not normalized).

So it does make sense.
Maybe we should add this feature in the next version of the library.


Bonjour Karim,

Merci beaucoup pour l’information!
Je vais utiliser 24/32 bit pour le traitement

Bien cordialement,