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reed position and pitch

Dear Forum,

I have been messing with Modalys for awhile now and it has become one of my favorite tools to use with Max. I am no expert DSP guy so I apologize if my this question is obvious to others. I was wondering how to go about tracking the reed position in relation to pitch in order to get a consistent tone and accurate pitch as can be observed in this youtube clip. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOBnDsz6ZmQ


Hi Kile,

Sorry for this late answer…

Here is an example of a reed connection controlled by MIDI. The secret is to move two holes along the tube to get the right pitch. The hole positions are calculated by a simple division of the free tube frequency by the frequency of the note you want…

03c-mlys_ReedTubeTwoHolesMIDI.maxpat (40.6 KB)

All the best.


Hello Jean !!

I hope you are doing well.

I am also using a mlys.closed-open-tube for another purpose and I am trying to control the pitch.

Your previous attachment works ok but not all the time. I am missing something here.

  • The pitch is not always accurate. Sometimes very far from the intended pitch.
  • Also, changing the sample rate transposes the sound as if this was hardcoded within modalys~.
    I am using modalys~ version: 3.8.1.
  • I feel I will have to tune positions of holes “by hand” for every case of my settings.

Any idea?