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Recorded data on gf (or other gesture recognition object)

Hello list,

I’m trying gf to use gf to recognize some gestures in realtime. I already have the models that I want to use, but it seems that gf can’t save the training data between sessions? Is this possible in any way, or a dedicated learning mode has to be switched on when the patch is loaded?
Can any of the other realtime objects such as mubu.gmm, mubu.hhmm or mubu.xmm record the learned data? In case yes, is there a big difference between using any of these objects and gf?




I am not very expert in using mubu, but having the same problem I have used the messages ‘writeall’ and ‘readall’ (see screenshot). I must also say that it worked, but now, I don’t know the reason, it seems not wortking good. I deduced them from gf object help, the ‘read_and_write’ section. I hope this is somehow useful.




Of course, for some reason I didn’t see that properly.
Only I do notice a problem: writeall seems to work, but readall crashes max - windows, both max 6+7 64b.

I am on OsX, 10.8.5 version, and my patch does not crash, even if mubu sometimes do. I am on Max 7, last version.
However my problem is that now mubu does not recognize stored gesture, in past it did it… Probably something missing, I must restart and better develop my work on my patch.