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RAVE vst : Where are located the models on the drive?

I just installed rave as a vst for my daw.

I can see the download model button in the vst but my question is where do they download on the hard drive?
I can’t find that info in the documentation…
I looked at the vst folder that my daw scans and they are not there.

Also how can i remove models from the vst library choices that are shown at the top of the vst gui ?

Yes I also wondered where the models are downloaded to (am on MacOS) - assuming they are torchscript then it would be great to use them in real time in SuperCollider via NN.ar

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On MacOS it’s /System/Volumes/Data/Users/[your username]/Library/Application Support/ACIDS/RAVE/ : )

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Yes that’s it, you need to remove a model from this path on macOS if you want to remove it from the vst list also :wink: