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R-udp-player-12 crash on launch

I’m having a terrible time with R-udp-player. It has been working for me for ages, but suddenly started crashing on init on every launch. If I remove all the audio files from the search path, it launches just fine, but of course doesn’t make any sound. I experimented with leaving different subsets of audio files in the path, but seems like it’s the quantity rather than any particular file.

I’m quite sure I didn’t update anything. Max was v. 8.0.6 when this started, but I since upgraded to 8.1, which didn’t help. I also trashed all my Max prefs, removed all packages and reinstalled Max and R-udp-player clean.

I’m on Mac OS 10.14.6. Am I just lucky?

UPDATE: it was fluidsynth~. Ruben Gjertsen has graciously posted an update to his R-udp-player which solves the problem and can be found here: