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Proportions applied to length

Dear Karim, I’m trying to develop an ‘home made’ patch inspired by your article on Time Block.

What I’m trying to achieve is a list of proportions (whole numbers) applied to a defined length (N N). And I think I’ve managed to do it. The added patch is an extension of a patch you sent me years ago.

My question is: How to keep the note lengths from a VOICE-Object say in 10/4 in for example in
Proportions applied to length.omp (21.2 KB)
4/4 or mixed time signatures in a new VOICE-Object.

Best, Dagfinn

Dear Dagfinn,

Sorry i didn’t understand your question exactly. Can you be more specific? Examples?

And I am missing the “scale KH” patch abstraction. Can you send it?


…or maybe this is what you are looking for?:

proportions applied to length1.omp (28.4 KB)


Dear Karim, thanks for the immediate answer. A great solution!
I have a tendency to make things to complicated…

I’ve added a screen shot to explain my question. I’ve also added scale k.h. and an updated versjon of Proportions applied to length-2
scale k.h…omp (8.5 KB)

I’m working on using Open Music also much more for rhythm.

Best, Dagfinn
Proportions applied to lenght-2.omp (31.3 KB)

Here you are my friend:

The patch:
proportions applied to lenght-3.omp (16.0 KB)


Dear Karim, perfect! Thank you so much my friend!

Best, Dagfinn