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Problems with ">" object

Hi guys!!

I’ve just downloaded Open Music and was going through some tutorials to get started.
I’m already familiar with other similar softwares and now I’ve found a problem that I couldn’t find a solution anywhere.

The “>”, “<” and other similar functions don’t seem to be working properly and I couldn’t neither find any logic behind this results (I uploaded an image of my patch). I was trying to separate a random melody in two voices (midi channels) but only received these strange patterns of shifts

I’ve already double-checked if I was doing anything different from the tutorial, so I’m quite lost now haha.

Thanks in advance

tutorial link:



I just noticed that I forgot to show the “omloop” patch

Hi Alexandre. Check the use of ‘eval-once’ in tutorials 37 and 12 (and in 15…)

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Dear Alexander,

What Anders is trying to point out, is that your red patch “note generator” should be in eval-once mode because it is beng evaluated twice, and since you have a random function inside it will randomize twice, so the > will not be doing its test correctly.


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Thanks guys!!!

I really apreciate your help.

Take care of yourselves!