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Problems with n->mc

Hello Karim, hello everyone,

I am writing again to report a possible bug concerning the n->mc
When the object is internailized in a subpatch, il will not consider the selection menu of the hidden key (it will behave quite randomly, at times thinking that the C3 is the middle C, at times the C4 - I cannot figure the pattern…). The only way to make it work is by actually sending either 3 or 4 as an atom directly in the inlet.
I was wondering if it would be possible to adjust this so that it is 100% reliable also when in a subpatch and when using the hidden menu that appears when you click on the inlet (and not with the shift+click)


PS I am using OM 7.0 on M1
OS Monterey 12.5

And also in the compiled object
the default hidden value is not a number, but a list with a number : (6000)
In order to make it work I got rid of the parenthesis, so that it regognizes the MC value for the Middle C -
so it should be 6000 instead of (6000)

Otherwise it always gives the error message
Error while evaluating the box MC->N : In - of (5 (6000)) arguments should be of type number.

Thanks and take care,


Dear Claudia,

Thank you for reporting this. This is definitively a clumsy old old bug. Will fix it ASAP, maybe also enhance the function. Will keep you informed.


Dear Claudia,

Can you please test this (putting the file in the init folder than restart OM)?

fix-220822.lisp (926 Bytes)


Hello karim,

thank you for your quick answer and for fixing this so promptly!
It seems to work now !
Fantastic :slight_smile:



While, I am guessing that for the
it will still take some time, correct?
This one seems a little more tricky to me ;/



Ooops sorry,

No same thing. Here please do replace this fix:
fix-220822b.lisp (1.7 KB)

(you can remove the former.)

Hope this also works.


Impressive! Yes it works perfectly now Karim!

Thanks a million!

All the best,


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