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Problems when opening a Ableton project after saving


I have been having trouble with XP4L when opening a previously saved project.
XP4L will work perfectly while creating a project for the first time, but if I save, close the project and open it at an other time, xp.visuals will sometimes not work, xp.room will not load, my source tracks will be coloured gray. The sources in the spatial monitor will sometime appear underneath the floor.

Which means I can never work on something long term, i have to start from new each time.

I am on Ableton 11.2.10,
OSX Monterey 12.2,
Mac M1
XP4L 1.14

Am I doing something wrong? Is someone else having this problem?
Thank you!

thanks for sharing your experience here! :slight_smile:

i think i have answered you by emails today? there might be a problem with conversion between cartesian/polar, but not sure yet. It’s hard to reproduce so far - most of people can save and reload project as it is without problem


Oui oui, c’était bien moi! merci