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Problem with om# not finding csound-1.1

Hi all!

I’m trying to migrate to om#, however om# doesn’t find csound-1.1 - also with other libs (omchroma e.g.) there are some problems: in some folders, om# seems to find them, in other folders not. I always specified the library folders and restarted om# in between - I get erratic results I don’t understand. OS is Ubuntu 18.04
Any ideas or hints?

Hi. Could you try to be more specific, perhaps send some output messages, or screen dumps?

Make sure you’re using libs set up for OM# (they will include a “libname.omlib” file in the folder).

There should be no need to restart OM# after specifying new folders to search for libs, just hit “Refresh list” in the “External Libraries” tab in the patch editor (main window).

Vs OMChroma not showing up: try changing the case of the filename omchroma.omlib inside the OMChroma folder to OMChroma.omlib.

Hi and thanks for your advice. Unfortunately I couldn’t provide much more specific information as there weren’t any messages and the libs simply wouldn’t show up in the external libraries tab.
I followed your advice, changed the case.
Tried to copy the libs to another directory.
Deleted the preferences.om# and restarted om#. That seemed to do the trick, now the libs are loaded.
So thank you very much!