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Problem in downloading SuperVP OM library

Dear Jean,

I’m trying to simply download the SuperVP OM-library, but the link opens into somewhere else.
This is where I try to download:

This is where it takes me: Les logiciels | IRCAM

A kind of loop-function there…

I can download normally other software on the Ircam Forum site.

Another question I have concerns if SuperVP-library can be used on a computer that doesn’t have a license for Audio Sculpt? Is the superVP kernel available for free? I’m teaching a course where I’d like to offer students a simple way of doing a FFT analysis on a sound of their choice.

Best wishes,
Maija Hynninen

Dear Maija,

The link you have must be old or wrong. OpenMusic’s libraries page is here with an extended list of libraries:

OMSuperVP release can be downloaded here:

However to answer your question in full, this library is delivered WITHOUT the supervp binary. So YES you will need a forum subscription in order to use the binaries. And NO, you don’t need to have AudioSculpt to make it work. You can use the Analysis/Synthesis Command-line Tools


Best regards


Dear Karim,

Thank you for your reply and the link to the GitHub-page! From your reply I understand that it’s not possible for non-subscribers to use the superVP kernel, but I will still give it a try.

Best wishes,