Printing multiseqs

hello om-ers,
I am printing a multiseq showing coloured line durs. but the x-step grid is not printing. looks like is an on-screen feature only. is there a way to do it?
if there’s not, I would promote it as a feature request. again, probably for om7 as I’m not sure how complex is this to implement.
thanks in advance for any info.

hello perti,

I would suggest just to use selected screen pics (on mac: shift-command-4). To get a little help with the different selections from one window, you can use a little helper (draw a grid numbering when you load the attached lisp file).
draw-grill-pos.lisp (2.0 KB)

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thank you wolfgang for taking care of this, i really appreciate it.
regrettably i’m not so savant on programmer’s matters. a little description of the input data would help a lot. the file loads well but then i’m not sure what to do next. i called for the draw-object and aside from the 1st input, which i think is for a chord-seq self, i wasn’t able to understand all other 14 inputs.
btw, i get a ‘not applicable methods for…’ error when pressing g in a chord-seq. this is on windows 10. haven’t tried on my mac yet, but will do it asap.
as you already said, i could get screenshots, but browsing through some 20 pages would be very awkward. your solution seems more interesting and promising, if i guess well its potential.
thanks again wolfgang,

You’re welcome!
I forgot to mention the code is tested with version 6.15 on a mac (OS X 10.12.6). Maybe the problem is the windows-version or a earlier version of OM…
The draw-function draws automatically - just load/eval the file and don’t look at it, or try to use it…
A little update: with pressing shift-g you can turn it on/off:
draw-grill-pos 2.lisp (5.4 KB)

Please try it first on a recent OM version (mac) and see if its working.


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hello again,
this is to confirm that is working on 6.12/mac. no errors. the numbering works ok, a nice feature! it can also be found in the omxmulti library.
regarding 6.15/win10 now there’s no error when pressing g but now it comes when ticking grillnumbers. once you get that error (the same one as before) it persists until quitting the chordseq editor. hope this helps.
thank you once again Wolfgang!