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Preferences request (om-sharp)

Would it be possible to allow the used to define the size and position of the Session and Lisp Listener windows? Thanks.

Hello! There’s no real plan to make it a “standard” preference; however it is always possible to hack the functions that create these windows to place them anywhere. I will consider making this easier in next releases, and also, to remember the last position of these windows so they get repositioned consistently if they are moved. Thanks for pointing that up!

The issue is small but a little annoying: when I open om-sharp, setup the windows for size and position, work on and save a patch, the next time I start and load the same I have to do it all again. It’d be great if om-sharp would remember the setup. Thanks for anything that can be done.

For an example of what it’d be great to remember (since it takes a minute or two to set it up each time), see attached.

Hello! OM# 1.4 now remebers and restores the size and position of the Session and Listener windows: Release om# 1.4 · cac-t-u-s/om-sharp · GitHub