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Preferences not saving


I installed OM 7.2 in Ubuntu 20.04. I tested changing some preferences and some of them aren’t saved.

For example these changes were saved:
Appearance tab, default presentation → list
MIDI tab, Default score player → fluidsynth

And these ones weren’t:
Score tab, Music Font Size → it is always 24, other won’t save
FluidSynth tab, Load Synths → it appears always as “Unloaded…” so I have to load it manually every time I open OM. After loading it, it works fine.


Hi rc,

Thanx for reporting.
concerning Music font size, you’re right, this apparently doesn’t save. Will look into it.
Now concerning Load synths, it is normal. You should consider this as an action button and not a preference. Why, because loading a high number of fluidsynth instances is dependent on RAM.
However, in version 7.3 there is an Autoload Synth check button that will load all synth on woarksapce startup.

You can test OM 7.3 from here:

Please feel free to report any other feature or bug.


Thanks K for the quick reply. I’ll check 7.3