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PM2 partial tracking

Hello, super-newbie here

I’m trying the old “convert audio into pentagram notation” for a school project and have downloaded audiosculpture with pm2 for Windows with OM 6.17 (my computer cannot run further versions)
I’ve updated the library with pm2 and opened tutorial patches but when I run eval listener says:
“Please register an activation key using -init_key_file Ircam_Activation_Key.txt”

I don’t know then if I did not downloaded correctly or I have tu purchase something or simply my computer is not cut for this… help?


Well, OM tells you that pm2 is not authorized. For this, you have to be a premium member.

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Thanks for your fast reply, I still don’t get much of what I can do or cannot do with the free sub.
By any chance do you know any alternative I could use? until I save up for a membership


Please what is a pentagram notation? and why you cannot run the latest OM on your machine?


I guess it didnt translate well, I was refering to the staff notation, score notation, not sure the right term, sorry english is not my main.
My computer is old and has core i3, I read that for OM 7 higher processors are required

Dear jojokuru,

You can use spear instead:

Now concerning om version, yes you are right we have some issues with the dlls (libraries coming with om). The solution is to compile them for all processors.


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Thank you all for your help, I’ll keep with SPEAR for the moment then.

Have a nice week