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Pm2 on Catalina

I’m trying to get pm2 to work in OpenMusic (or OM#) in Catalina. I understand it is not compatible. When will this be available? Thank you

Dear Gato,

I just had some news about this issue. apparently not before September. So maybe it would be better for now (for you) to try to find a solution with a machine running Maverick or such, or even try it on Linux.


Thank you, Karim. Not possible for me then. I’ll wait for the update…

All best,

Sorry i meant Mojave instead of Maverick…

Dear Karim. Any news? Thank you.

Dear Gato,

No not for now. I will contact the team again and will ask them ASAP.
Will keep you informed.

Thank you, Karim. Best.

It should work with the just release v2.0.5 package

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