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Pm2 in Catalina


I’m trying to use OM-pm2 in either OM or om-sharp. The library loads well but I don’t have the executable which must be pointed to in the Externals tab of the preferences pane. Is it already compatible with Mac OS Catalina?

Thanks for your help.

Hi Gonçalo,

The executable is not included in the release that you find on GitHub. See instruction about this in the release note: https://github.com/openmusic-project/OM-pm2/releases

If you are subscribed to the Ircam Forum you can download a version that includes the binary from there:


… and yes: I think it is all compatible with Catalina.

Thank you. So this means that if I buy just the Analysis/Synthesis tools, om-pm2 will work on Catalina, right? Could I get a confirmation before I purchase it? Thanks again.

This is the message I get before purchasing:

Screenshot 2020-07-12 at 17.15.45

Ha, so I might be wrong, sorry :frowning:

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…Would really need om-pm2 working correctly for a project involving spectral analysis… which seems impossible now?..

Dear Gato,

The problem comes not from the library but from the pm2 binary which is not yet notarized for Catalina. So the best thing to do is to put your request on Audiosculpt/pm2/supervp/commandlinetools discussion.
I will however point this out for the concerned team.


Thanks so much, Karim. I’ll post on the forum you mentioned.

A new version of the Analysis/Synthesis Command-line Tools is available, it should fix this