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Playback unanticipated 2 semitone lower -> 6.19 & SimpleSynth on Mac10.14.6

Dear all,

Have you encountered this situation: all the patches of OM6.19, no matter voice, chord or chord-seq, etc., are playing 2 semitones lower with SimpleSynth.

I just started using 6.19 today, I was using 6.16 before, and I compared the two, and on 6.16, the pitch played is normal.

Is it a problem, or something new in setting?

My system is MacOS 10.14.6.

all the best,

Ye Shen

Hi Ye Shen,

This is an old known issue due to the old version of om precisely 6.16. You should have your midi preferences as so:

  1. Don’t use autobend !
  2. uncheck Midichannel above 16,

I kept these for compatibility reasons. But there lies the bug. should be fixed.

Please feel free to tell me if this works for you.


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Dear Karim,

Yes exactly the playback problem solved, sorry I should have thought to look up the earlier post about 6.16

Thank you very much for your help!

All the best,


Dear Karim,

This has led to a new one: after unchecking these two items (especially the one on autobend) in OM6.19, the microtone playback is quantified as semitone. My solution is to use OSC to connect the R-udp-player in max to play it. Is there a better solution?
(under MacOS Mojave 10.14.6)
all the best,

Again, dear Karim, please don’t need to reply for the microtone solution, just now I saw the post Microtonal MIDI player for OM that you and others already talked very clear. It’s the matter on Mac side. R-udp or anything else are all right.

thank you,
all the best,


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