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Pipo spontaneous data output

Dear list,

I have some pipo behaviour that I cannot explain. In the attached patch I connect the multiplication object with the pipo object. Nothing much happens. When I then input sound the object works as intended. However, if I then stop, the object keeps putting out numbers spontaneously and intermittently (a few seconds on and off each time) even if there is no sound. That happens even if I disconnect the patch cord between the multiplication object and the pipo object again going back to the begin situation… Did I perhaps make a syntax error somewhere? Can a very high input ‘break’ the object?

MUBU 1.10.5
MAX 8.5.2
OS 12.6
Intel mac 2019 8 core
RME Fireface UCX


Hi Hans, thanks for this report. There are a few (bad) things happening here.

  1. pipo~ didn’t check if a signal was connected and pushed zeros to the pipo chain, which maybe upset peaks. this is fixed for the next release
  2. peaks with your parameters doesn’t find any peak in mic noise * 6000
  3. pipo~ doesn’t care about peaks’ varsize result and outputs zeros.

Number 3 can be done, but will output a variable-sized list, and a bang when no peaks are found, as there is no such thing as an empty list in Max. Is this ok for everyone?

Hi Diemo,

  1. It is not the mic noise but my own noise that I am interested in :wink:

A variable sized list is no problem for me personally. And if needed, it is of course easy to append a variable sized list with zeros using zl.join and then use zl.slice to cut it to a fixed length.

Thanks for looking into this.

Best, Hans.

Hi Hans, please try this pipo~.mxo 2.zip (78.2 KB), it should fix all 3 shortcomings. Best!

Hi Diemo,

Yes, this seems to fix it. Thanks!!!

I have to join the list together myself though. It would be nice if it is either a bang or a list. I guess there should also be a note with the next release as some patches may not work anymore as expected with this changed output.

Best, Hans.