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Pipo~: outputbuffer is full (condition occured 100 times)


I’m working on an installation that is active from 8 to 8.
It has four mic input channels pipo-analyzed in RT.

After a couple of hours of activity, this error occurred on the Max Console.
pipo~: output buffer is full (condition occurred 100 times)

Does anyone know why this happens?


Hi Massimiliano,
you can augment the output buffer with the @outputbuffer attr.
Out of curiosity, what’s your sr and vs, and how heavy is the processing after pipo~?

Hi Diemo,
and thanks for your reply.

I increased the output buffer first to 4096 and then to 8192, for the first moment it seems to be fine, but after about half an hour of processing (not continuous), the problem reappears sometimes.

Sr = 44.1kHz / vr = 1024

you can also try the latest mubu 1.10.6, which handles this more gracefully