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Pipo~ fft - Frequency / Amplitude data

I’d like to know how to use the fft module of pipo~ for real time audio input to get a list of frequency and amplitude pairs. I’m currently using zsa.descriptor’s zsa.fft~ object to do precisely this, however I’d like to see if I can make it work with pipo too, but I’m not sure how to format the object correctly, the tutorials don’t make it so clear how to output data if you don’t want to pass it on to other mubu objects.
At the moment [pipo~ fft] outputs two numbers from its first outlet but I can’t work out what these actually mean.
Thanks for any pointers

did you put the slice before the fft? if so, the output is the list of fftsize / 2 + 1 amplitudes corresponding to the bins at 0 … fftsize / 2 * Fs Hz, with fftsize = slice size by default.