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PIPO chain syntax in mubu.process and scatterplot in imubu

Hello there! I am new to this forum so I apologize if some of this questions have already been settled. I am trying to use mubu for Max for concatenative synthesis and there are two things I cannot figure out yet:

  1. the correct syntax for the PIPO chain definition in the mubu.process object (for exmaple: fft:slice)

  2. after some processing with mubu.process and trying to plot the results in scatterplot view in imbu, I sometimes get “this track doesn’t support scatterplot view”. Why should that be so?

Any guide would be much appreciated and of very much help!

Hi Agustin(is?),
first of all, did you look at catart-mubu which explains concatenative synthesis from the ground up?

Further, did you look at gettingstartedwithPiPo.maxhelp?

Best, Diemo

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Hi Diemo! Thank you very much for your answers. I didn’t have those pathches with the explanations! They were of great help! I finally could understand, haha. Thank you very much again!

Best, Agustin