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Pauline Oliveros's Tape Music

Dear Colleagues,

I am a scholar working on a book focusing on the music of Pauline Oliveros. For my chapter on her tape music created at the University of Toronto and at Mills College (where I teach), I am using Audiosculpt to create annotated sonograms of her tape music.

I am not a sophisticated user of this program. My problem is simple. Each time I re-open a saved file, my annotations have to be re-positioned. This takes quite a bit of time. Is there a way I can save the file without essentially losing all of my work?

Your help would be very much appreciated!


David Bernstein
Professor of Music
Mills College
Oakland, CA

Dear @Skipper11

If you use automatically calculated markers (transients, IrcamBeat…) then they will be recalculated. If you use manual markers, you can save the markers in different ways and read them again later.