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Pattern output Error (for Anders?)

Good evening All (particularly Anders!),
I was wondering if my error could be explained in this patch (see attached png). When evaluated inside (left of image) all is as I expect. When I insert the patch into a blue patch (abstraction?) the output is not as expected (see right of image).
How might this be explained? I have a working patch so I shouldn’t complain, but I would like to be able to use this patch inside another.
Many thanks in advance,

Possible to send the patch? Esp. if there’s a bug lurking it’s hard to find without a mwe. Thanks.

Hello Anders,

Thanks for your response. The problem bugged (sorry!) so much I spent too much of the night trying to work it out, the result being that I’ve split the process into several internal patches which now work as intended. I suppose starting from scratch and rewiring must have sorted out my error.
Forgive any waste of time of your part. The Patterns library is a rich resource, with lots to dig into!
Kind regards,

Great it worked in the end, and thanks for kind words about the lib :slight_smile:

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Not at all sure, but one possible reason for varying behavior might be non-explicit ordering in the evaluation chain in OM needing special attention, as in any patch-based programming environment. Eg. as in earlier versions of Max (perhaps still there?) where moving an object sideways on the screen might change the evaluation order if you’re not explicit.


Dear Anders,

No this could not be the case in OM. It is not like in max and the spatial oredering of boxes in a patch. However, it could be some issue with abstractions. But without a patch, we can not diagnostic the problem at all. So it could be anything, more likely a patching problem form the user (???)

Best my friend


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(certainly from the user!)

Thank you krhes for the feedback.

However, i’ve been tracking down some issues with patch abstraction (blue and red), sometime the behavior can be odd, but not to the extend to return different values. What it could return is an error. These cases involves special compiled functions. I am on the watch!

Best to you all

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