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Partiels v1.3.1 - New Release

Hello everyone,

:rocket: The new version 1.3.1 of Partiels is available!

  • Fix: Spectrogram tooltip generation can generate a crash (#399)
  • Fix: A crash can occur when a document is opened after it has already been loaded (#393)
  • Fix: The value zoom is not well defined when using a model whose value zoom is based on sampling frequency (#392)
  • Fix: Adapting block size and step size to the sample rate when loading a template must not be done if it is not supported by the plugin (#391)
  • Fix: Graphic representation of points and segments is distorted at low zoom (#390)
  • Fix: Anchoring the temporal zoom with the mouse wheel is not consistent (#387)
  • Fix: Vertical zoom magnification on trackpad is reversed (#385)
  • Fix: Spectrogram value and zoom ranges are incorrectly scaled following analysis (#384)
  • Fix: Modifying the range of spectrogram values with the slider generates several undo/redo actions (#383)
  • Imp: Use the ‘c’ command on track or group plots to capture a snapshot and save it to the desktop, instead of click with alt (#382)
  • Imp: Force label parsing in CSV if first element is a label (#381)
  • Fix: CSV parsing of labels starting with “inf” are considered as infinite numbers (#380)
  • Fix: The effective number of channels in a group does not take into account track visibility (#379)
  • Fix: Zoom ruler anchoring does not match mouse position (#378)
  • Fix: An occasional crash occurs on macOS due to a compilation/linking problem with Xcode 15 (#377)
  • Fix: The “Add New Track” action should be renamed “Show/Hide New Track Panel” (#376)
  • Add: Filter results using a threshold on extra output results (#373)
  • Add: Navigate using shift, zoom using option/alt, or select a visible range using cmd/ctrl, on group plots using the mouse (#371)
  • Add: Viterbi mode to correct the FCN pitch estimation
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Downloaded Partiels. It is a wonderful and easy to use tool for looking at audio in both time and frequency. Keep up the good work. Thank you.

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