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Partiels v1.3.0 - New Release

Hello everyone,

:rocket: The new version 1.3.0 of Partiels is available!

  • The graphical interface has been redesigned. The various windows are better integrated within the application for a better experience. Icons have been redesigned to offer more consistent graphics and better support for low-resolution screens.
  • The application programming interface of Ircam’s Vamp extension (IVE) supports multi-dimensional results. Now, for example, a plugin can associate complementary amplitude and bandwidth values with frequency results. These complementary values can be edited, loaded, and exported. Partiels and the Vamp plugins SuperVP and PM2 integrate this new version of IVE.
  • Ircam Vamp Plugins include the new FCN plugin for pitch estimation, based on convolutional neural network (CNN/AI) models developed by Luc Ardaillon and Axel Röbel and integrated in C++ by Frédéric Cornu.

Many thanks to Luc Ardaillon, Axel Röbel, and Frédéric Cornu of the Analysis and Synthesis team for the FCN models and their integration.

Partiels 1.3.0


  • Imp: Option to use the position of the start playhead as the anchor point for time zooming with the mouse wheel or touchpad magnification (#370)
  • Imp: Ircam Vamp Plug-ins - Update the PM2 vamp plug-in (#369)
  • Imp: Ircam Vamp Plug-ins - Update the SuperVP vamp plug-in (#368)
  • Imp: When the zoom track of a group is set to the front, use the first track that is visible and is not a marker track (#367)
  • Add: Ircam Vamp Plug-ins - New FCN pitch estimation vamp plug-in (#365)
  • Add: New and more consistent set of icons for the entire application (#363)
  • Imp: Hide floating windows when a temporary panel is displayed, then restore floating windows (#362)
  • Imp: Transform some floating windows into temporary panels integrated into the main interface (#361)
  • Imp: Make floating windows flicker as they move into the foreground (#360)
  • Fix: Plug-in descriptions are not properly updated when they are updated or parameters change (#359)
  • Imp: Silently replaces SuperVP’s deprecated Waveform plug-in with Partiels’ Waveform plug-in (#358)
  • Add: Default template with two groups offering a waveform and a spectrogram (#357)
  • Add: Template system used automatically when loading an audio file (#356)
  • Add: Tooltips to global transport buttons and user interfaces (#355)
  • Fix: Selecting a valid audio device doesn’t update the state of the channel layout (#354)
  • Imp: Transform the floating plug-in list window into a side panel integrated into the main interface (#353)
  • Fix: Floating windows must never be modal, and must not sit on top of other applications (#352)
  • Add: Access to the plug-in settings window via the plug-in list window (#351)
  • Imp: Make the plug-in search bar more accessible in the plug-in list window (#349)
  • Add: New spectrogram plug-in available by default in Partiels (#348)
  • Fix: Zoom translation when dragging over rulers is inverted compared with standard approaches (#347)
  • Add: Add IVE v2 support with multidimensional results and graphical parsing (#346)
  • Add: Create a no-value point with the shortcut ‘b’ on the track’s graphical plot to break the continuity of the segments (#342)
  • Add: Double-click on a marker to display the results table, focusing on the selected element (#341)
  • Add: Support lab file extension as CSV with end time instead of duration (#223)