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Partiels v1.1.0 - New Release

Hello everyone,

New versions of Partiels and Ircam Vamp Plugins are available: Partiels v1.1.0 and Ircam Vamp Plugins v1.1.0!

These versions integrate an extension to the Vamp format, IVE for Ircam Vamp Extension, enabling the plugins to request the results of a third-party analysis as input. This makes it possible to perform analyses that rely on other analyses - such as SuperVP’s Voiced/Unvoiced analysis or PM2’s Harmonic Partial Tracking analysis, which require fundamental frequency estimation. For IVE plug-ins, Partial allows you to select an input track, and as soon as the results of this track are modified (following a calculation or manual editing of the results) the analysis is restarted with the new data. This makes it possible to chain analyses and, above all, to obtain better results by correcting the input analysis data.

The user manuals have also been updated. You’ll find all the changes and corrections made in the Partiels and plugins changelogs, as well as two new videos presenting the functionality.

Do not hesitate to send me your feedback!