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Partiels v1.0.7 - New Release

Hello to all of you,

Partiels 1.0.7 is available! Among the main changes, you will find :

  • The fix of the regression related to the duration of a document: when creating a new document, the duration was based on the previously loaded document, it was very annoying but it is fixed :sweat_smile:.

  • The integration of Ircam Forum protection: you now have to authorize the application with your Premium access :money_with_wings: (if you authorized ASAP, it’s already all good) but there is also the new demo mode which offers many, many features.

  • The new zoom like in Ableton Live: it slides and it’s fast :surfing_woman: but you get used to it quickly and for the nostalgics, you will find the old modes with keyboard shortcuts.

  • The analysis plug-ins are all available in a single installer with Apple and Windows certifications: no more copying files by hand, ignoring the quarantine, etc. we are appeased :person_in_lotus_position:.

  • Automatic notification when new updates are released: you can stop reading those endless threads :roll_eyes: and be kept informed of new versions by running Partiels!


All the modifications are in the change log. The user manual has also been corrected and updated. Don’t hesitate to send me your feedback.

I also take the opportunity to share with you this research work of Guillaume Doras, Yann Teytaut, and Axel Roebel from the Analysis-Synthesis team of Ircam in which the results are presented with Partiels!

Thank you very much for your participation and see you soon!